Western Sydney Switched on Schools summit

Western Sydney came alive on the 7th and 8th June with 100 high school students converging at the Granville Town Hall for the Parramatta Switched on Schools summit.

8 schools from across Western Sydney came to learn more about climate change and the unequal impacts it is having on communities around the world. Students heard from 3 inspiring young people from the Pacific Islands, who shared powerful stories of how climate change had impacted their communities and homes, and their work to fight for climate justice.



Students learnt more about the impact of climate change on people and communities through a role play, and then explored different ways of creating change and influencing decision makers to take meaningful action on climate change. They came away from Day 1 equipped with new skills and tools to create change at their school, and a range of tactics to engage decision makers.



Day 2 was all about action! After crafting their personal stories, students spent the rest of the day planning and brainstorming ideas for how to repower their schools with renewable energy – whether that was installing solar panels or reducing energy use.

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A Repower our Schools Youth Parliament was held in Granville park where students shared why this issue was so important to them and their plans to repower their school.  Students marched to the youth parliament with decorated suns, windmills and banners, chanting how the “powershift to to wind and sun has begun”  and sending a message to our decision makers to repower Australia with 100% renewable energy.