Victorian Government pledges to Support students to Repower their Schools

On the 27th of September, 11 students from high schools across Victoria, met with the Victorian Minister for Climate Change, Energy and Environment Lily D’Ambrosio.  In the plush 37th floor ministerial office the students shared why action on global warming was so important to them. The minister was moved by the students’ powerful narratives from caring about endangered species, to standing up for the rights of our Pacific Islanders neighbours and ensuring there were good, innovative and low-carbon jobs available.  The students explained how they were taking action and running campaigns to repower their schools.  They were getting their schools to pledge to a Australia powered by 100% renewable energy and committing to sustainability action plans, from getting big solar systems to creating behavioural change to reduce energy use.


The students presented the Minister with a pledge to support them make Victorian Schools 100% community renewable energy hubs.


The minister, so moved by the student’s stories and initiative, signed the pledge on behalf of the Victorian government.  The students and minister agreed to work together to continue to engage communities and build support, as well as implementing solutions.

“I absolutely support schools to be renewable energy hub,” said Minister D’Ambrosio.  “I’m very excited that this has been presented to government (by high school students). I’m looking forward to working this proposal through government to help make schools more sustainable and adopt renewable energy.”

“It’s important schools move towards renewable energy and take action now as climate change is affecting us and our future,” said Jack, a student from Geelong High School who attended the meeting.  “When we repower our schools with clean renewable energy, young people become part of the solution.”