Term 3+4 2016: Summit Wrap Up

Melbourne Climate Justice Summit

300 students. 24 high schools. 30 youth facilitators. 11 local politicians. 1 big youth parliament on the steps of Victorian Parliament House.



The annual Climate Justice Summit held on 17th and 18th August at Trades Hall was our biggest schools summit yet, bringing together hundreds of students from diverse schools across Victoria. Day 1 involved a variety of guest speakers and local changemakers sharing about the role of young people in taking action on climate change, and exploring the concept of climate justice.


Students engaged in an experiential ‘Hunger Banquet’ experience run in partnership with Oxfam Australia, which helped students to understand the connection between inequality, hunger and climate change in a very creative way – with some students dining on rice in a lettuce leaf for lunch! (you can learn more about hunger banquets here) Day 2 was about high school leaders building their skills in changemaking, campaigning and telling their personal story to inspire others in their school and community to take action.


Students made plans to repower their schools and lead the transition to renewable energy, and then took this message to the steps of Victorian parliament house for a youth parliament. They shared their passion for a more sustainable future powered by clean energy with over 10 local politicians, including Victorian Minister for Climate Change, Energy and the Environment, Lily D’Ambrosio.


Launceston Climate Leadership Day

Over 70 students from 7 high schools in Northern Tasmania came together on the 12th October for the inaugural Launceston Climate Leadership Day held at Launceston College. Launceston Mayor Albert van Zetten opened the day, sharing with students about the Council’s sustainability initiatives, including a project to convert methane from landfill to electricity to power 2,000 homes!


Students heard perspectives from developing countries impacted by climate change, and then learnt further about climate justice and the unequal impacts climate change has on different people around the world in an interactive role play. Interactive workshops run by trained AYCC volunteers explored ideas of effective campaigning, taking action on climate change, engaging decision makers and influencing change in schools, where students gained practical leadership and change-making skills.


Students used these skills to plan a campaign to repower their school with renewable energy, and lead a campaign to empower a whole of school approach to sustainability. In the afternoon students raised their voices at a mock youth parliament calling on the government to support schools to be renewable energy hubs – attracting the local newspaper and news crew to share their message with decision makers!


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