Repower our Schools

About the campaign

Dangerous global warming is happening now, and it’s the younger generations who will inherit the consequences. Australia is the windiest and sunniest country on earth, and we have the ability to transition to 100% clean, renewable energy in the next 10 years. At school we learn about climate science, civics and how to be leaders. Now we are putting these skills into practice by repowering our schools. Young people are ahead of the game when it comes to new technology. We’re tired of outdated polluting fossil fuels, so we’re supercharging the transition to clean energy in our own schools!

Support your students to run a Repower campaign:

The Repower our Schools campaign is a great way to encourage student leadership and embed sustainability (as a national cross-curriculum priority) across your whole school.

Follow the steps below to run the campaign in your school:

  1. Lead a campaign in your school and build momentum for action on climate change in your community.

You and your students can create a repower campaign for your school here. By getting students, teachers and parents to sign onto the campaign, you can show the school how many people want to repower. Start by building a sustainability or social justice group to roll out the campaign. Then, to gather support, you might run presentations or creative events to collect signatures and raise awareness about climate change and sustainability.

Check out these resources to empower your students to take the lead and build momentum in your school.

  1. Repower: Get your school to publicly pledge to be part of the Repower our Schools movement.

Once the campaign is generating momentum in your school, students are encouraged to meet with teachers, business managers and the school principal to develop a plan for how the school is going to cuts its emissions and become more sustainable.

Check out these guides that cover: reducing energy and waste, generating your own renewable energy, and buying green power. The guides will give you ideas and connect you to experts in your state  who can help tailor a plan for your school.

Once everyone agrees to the plan, the school signs the Repower Pledge! You can download a copy of the Repower Pledge Certificate and update it with your school’s specific plan. The pledge is to be signed by a representative of the school administration and the students.

  1. Celebrate: tell the whole world how your school is leading the way, and get everyone pumped to make it happen.

Celebrate your school being part of a movement of schools across Australia that are supercharging the transition to 100% renewable energy. Hold a ceremony or a party, invite local media and politicians, then use the momentum to encourage students to lead the implementation of the school’s plan.