About the program

The Australian Youth Climate Coalition’s high schools program uses a unique model of peer-to-peer education to ignite high school students’ interest in climate change and sustainability, develop leadership and change making skills and connect them to a student action network to make sustainable change in schools and communities.  The program covers the Sustainability Cross-Curriculum Priority in the Australian Curriculum.  Specifically organising ideas of Systems (OI.3) World views (OI.4) and Futures (OI.6, OI.7, OI.8, OI.9).


Cutting-edge presentation
Our educational multi-media presentation is delivered by engaging young presenters in high schools across Australia. Our presentation is designed to spark students’ interest and knowledge in climate change impacts and solutions, and inspire them to join other young people in their communities in creating a sustainable future.


  • Our summits are a transformational experience for all students who attend.
  • Summits are jam-packed with inspiring presentations from young leaders, workshops where they can learn more about climate solutions, planning sessions, and opportunities to meet like-minded students.
  • Summits are usually a 2 day excursion for 100 high schools students from around 10 schools– workshops and activities are also adapted to other forums.

Student Action Network
All students are connected to regional student action groups. Made up of high school leaders the action groups provide a student led platform for taking action in schools and communities. Students are also connected online to tens of thousands of active young leaders across Australia and provided project and campaign facilitation.

After participating in the program students encouraged to attend second year as facilitators