Resources to Repower

There is so much that your school can do to become more sustainable and make the switch to 100% renewable energy.

Check out these state-by-state guides for reducing energy and waste, generating your own renewable energy, and buying clean energy. The guides will connect you to many different experts and organisations that are ready to help your school make the switch. Use these guides to create a repower plan for your school.  You can then update your repower plan in your campaign and repower pledge.

7 August 2018

How To Write a Letter to your MP

Inviting your local politician to your Repower pledge event is a fantastic way to build support and momentum for a transition to renewable energy and action on climate change in your school! Download this template letter you can use to invite your local politician to your repower pledge event. Download MP Letter template Guide

7 July 2018

How to Get Local Media

Getting local media to cover your Repower pledge event is a fantastic way to spread the word and empower other people to take action on climate change. Download this template media release you can fill out with details of your event and send to your local radio station or newspaper! Download Template Media Release 

20 June 2016

Repower our Schools Presentation

Check out this Repower our Schools presentation.  Use it to present to your school to explain the campaign, why you care about climate change and how they can get involved! Download Repower powerpoint presentation Download Repower presentation script

17 May 2016

4 steps to Repower our Schools

Check out this 4-step poster.  Use it explain the Repower our Schools campaign ! Download How to 4-Step Poster

16 May 2016

Buy Green Energy

Your school can purchase green power. Green power is electricity that has been generated by renewable energy technology like wind and solar and feed into the electricity grid. Unless they have opted-in, most schools currently purchase dirty power that has been generated by non–renewable sources, such as coal. Buying green power is a really effective […]

16 May 2016

Generate your own renewable energy

Take the power back and power your school with the wind and the sun! These resources are free to use and generates clean energy! Download the South Australian Guide Download the Victorian Guide Download the New South Wales Guide Download the Western Australia Guide Download the Queensland Guide Download the ACT Guide Download the Tasmania […]

16 May 2016

Reduce Waste

The majority of school waste is made up of food, paper, and packaging. Waste materials fuel climate change through the energy it takes to manufacture and transport them, and then when they end up in landfill, it creates dangerous greenhouse gases that further contribute to global warming. Make a plan to cut waste at your […]

16 May 2016

How To Run A Meeting

Check out this video that steps you through how to run fun, productive and empowering meetings!

16 May 2016

How to Set SMART goals

Check out this video that helps you set Specific Measurable Attainable Realistic and Time-bound  goals ( SMART)!

16 May 2016

How To Tell Your Story

Telling your story and sharing with others why you are passionate about taking action on climate change is a really great way to engage other people and inspire them to take action. Everyone has a unique story to tell about why they care about climate change – and this is a powerful tool to engaging […]

16 May 2016

How to Run an Event

Running an event is a great way to spread awareness about your campaign to repower your school, build momentum and get others on board. Here are some tips for how to run an effective event to repower your school! Download How to run event guide Guide

16 May 2016

How to Engage Decision Makers

This how to guide will help you to identify the people and networks who can help you achieve your campaign goals, and think about ways you can engage with decision makers at your school. Download How to Engage Decision Makers Guide

16 May 2016

How to Build a Team

Building a team is a great way to get like-minded students at your school together to take action on climate change. Here are some tips for building an effective team to help you achieve your goals! Download How to Build A Team Guide

16 May 2016

Reduce Energy

Reducing energy There are many ways to reduce the amount of electricity your school uses. Reducing energy use can go a long way to lowering  your school’s carbon pollution. It also saves the school money on their power bill – you could use this money to install solar or buy green power at your school. […]