St Aloysius college develop a plan to repower

Members of St Aloysius College’s Greenhouse Group attended the Switched on Schools Adelaide summit on 18 and 19th of May.  They joined 80 high school students from across Adelaide for 2-days of learning, sharing, planning and climate action!



They heard from the Adelaide Lord Mayor and SA Minister for Environment about the role of young people in taking action and the steps Adelaide is already taking to tackle climate change and sustainability – including plans to be a Carbon Neutral City! They also heard from Dan Spencer, a campaigner working with the community in Port Augusta to transition coal power stations to solar thermal power plants.


They learnt about climate change and the impacts it is having on people and places around the world – like the Pacific Islands and indigenous people in Australia. The students worked with passionate AYCC facilitators to develop skills and tools to create change in their schools, learning about telling their personal story, effective campaigning and engaging decision makers.

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They developed a plan to Repower St Aloysius College.  They looked to incorporate the amazing work they had been doing reducing waste into their campaign plan.   Their Greenhouse Group had been collecting plastic waste from newspapers around the school over the past 2 and a bit terms and have been able to recycle 30 tennis courts worth of plastic newspaper wrapping! They also wrote a letter to their principal asking for a space to regularly meet and discuss new environmental projects and ideas to take action on climate change at St Aloysius. After learning at the summit about the carbon emissions that come from waste that contribute to climate change, students from St Aloysius decided to make a video to educate other students about the impact of plastic and do an art installation with the plastic waste they have collected.

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