Repower our Schools: Jade from Gilmore College for Girls

Jade, a Year 10 student from Gilmore College for Girls, is one inspiring young person! After attending the Melbourne Climate Justice Summit in August this year, she has been driving a campaign to repower her school with renewable energy.

Jade attended the excursion with her Year 10 classmates, where they learnt about the impacts of climate change on people all around the world, and how they as high school students could lead a campaign to repower their school with 100% renewable energy.  

“Reading those stories [of people impacted by climate change] made me realise the impacts of climate change, not only on the environment but every human being on this earth,” Jade said.

Jade’s favourite part of the excursion was the youth parliament where she met the Minister for Climate Change, Energy and the Environment, and spoke in front over over 300 people about why Gilmore College for Girls wants to transition to renewable energy. “I thought that that this [the youth parliament] was the highlight of the AYCC experience because it was a significant event that indicates our generation’s voice.“


Jade and her classmates worked with AYCC mentors to develop a plan to take meaningful action on climate change as part of the Repower our Schools campaign.

“We want to help the environment and prevent climate change from getting worse. We, as a year 10 group, decided on a “Tree Planting Day” to educate others about climate change and create a fun day for the school to plant all sorts of trees and plants for each year level.” Their overall goal is to improve waste management at the school like implementing recycling to reduce their carbon emissions.

Jade and her classmates have created a petition online to gather support for the tree planting day, and have been working hard to organise the event and get other students to support their Repower our Schools campaign.


In their class, they have developed 4 working groups to educate students about climate change, and build momentum for the Repower our schools campaign. The groups have been working hard to fundraise and organise their “Tree Planting Day”. Jade has worked with fellow students to:

  • Meet with the school the school gardener to ask about different types of trees to plant as well as identified on a school map where to plant certain trees
  • Develop a budget for trees and pricing from different local nurseries
  • Write fundraising plan and hold a successful fundraising event – they raised over $300!
  • Develop posters about the event and fliers to hand out with a link to their online campaign
  • Met with the Vice Principal to present their Repower campaign proposal and ask for support for their Tree Planting Day
  • Write letters to local nurseries to ask for donations of trees
  • Talk to their local MP about their campaign, who has agreed to come along to the Tree Planting Day
  • Started making plans about how to implement recycling
  • Jade wrote a fantastic piece in her school newsletter about their experience at the summit and their tree planting campaign – you can check it out here on page 3!



Jade and her team are meeting with her Principal this week to ask her to adopt the Repower Pledge and set the date for their Tree Planting Day.

“We need to repower our schools so we can repower the world. Because the world must be cared for to carry and sustain our finite resources. The summit was really inspiring for me and my classmates, and I’m excited to make the world a better place through the voices of young people.” – Jade