Melbourne Girls College

Melbourne Girls College is the first school in Australia to adopt the Repower our Schools Pledge! Wahoooooo!!!!


On Friday the 9th of September the environment co-captain,Thirumagial Arumachahalam Elataendral, and principal, Ms Karen Money, formally signed onto the pledge at the school’s envriomental conference.

“Our school is taking on the repower pledge to set an example,” environment team co-captain Thirumagial Arumachahalam Elataendral said.

“Students can be powerful. Through making our school zero carbon we are leading the transition to 100 per cent renewable energy and a more sustainable future for everyone on the planet.”


In addition to their school community showing support for an Australia powered by 100% renewable energy, the school also adopted the following sustainability action plan with the aim of making their school carbon neutral by 2020 :

-increased efficiency in our energy and water use
–reducing electricity usage when and where possible
–conducting lighting audits and taking appropriate methods to increase their efficiency.
–reducing the amount of computers being idle/on sleep by investigating methods to automatically turnoff after 30min.
–reducing the usage of heating and cooling when and where possible for an optimum learning environment.
–educating efficient use of electricity to students, teachers, parents and our wider school community.
– investigating and committing to the purchasing of green power within the constraints of DET policies and funds available.
–increasing our solar panel array
With the aim of making the school carbon neutral

The students held an action to celebrate their school’s pledge and send a message to decision makers to follow their lead and power all schools and Australia with 100% renewable energy !


The students also made 7 News – check out their story here!

A massive congratulations to the MGC environment team, students, staff and parents for leading the way and adopting the pledge !

You can join the movement of students leading campaigns to repower their schools by starting a campaign here and downloading a pledge here !