For the Love of the Reef

For the love of the Reef, go without something you love 9-22 October and together we can stop the biggest coal and gas projects in Australia, and transition to 100% renewable energy. A warming world threatens many of the things we love, that’s why we’re challenging you to go without something you love to protect our Reef and climate from dangerous global warming. The power to save the Reef is in your hands. Together we will raise vital funds and awareness to keep fossil fuels in the ground and supercharge the switch to renewable energy. You have friends and family who might not know about these threats to the people and places we love – this is the perfect chance to raise awareness about the campaigns, and raise some funds to make it happen. Have you ever thought “why doesn’t somebody do something about that?” – you are somebody, and it’s time to stand up for a safe climate future and the Great Barrier Reef together. What will you go without for The Love of the Reef?

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Top 3 steps: How to run For the Love of Campaign in your school

Step 1: Sign up at Start a team and decide on what you will give up!

Some ideas:

  • Chocolate
  • No plastic water bottles
  • Go car-free: ride or walk to school
  • Take an energy challenge (no computers for 2 weeks)

For more ideas, check out:

You can do the challenge any 2 weeks during October!

Step 2: Promote to your friends and family to fundraise. Share why you care about climate justice and what you are giving up for the love of the Reef.

Step 3: Run an event in your school

This is a great way to share with your friends how you are taking action and invite them to be part of your sustainability or social justice group. (If you don’t have a group at your school it is also a really great opportunity to start one!)

Tell other students why climate action is important to you, get them to sign up to the campaign and encourage your peers to form or join a sustainability/social justice group at your school.

  1. Decide on a date and time for your event
  2. Talk to the relevant teacher about presenting in assembly/holding your event.

Event Ideas: