What can Councils get out of the Switched on Schools program?

  • Meeting objectives in strategic plan around youth engagement and environmental sustainability
  • Creating new and deepening relationships with schools in your area
  • School environmental groups that take ownership and deliver sustainability campaigns in local community
  • Reaching out to disengaged young people and giving them a sense of purpose
  • Access to our peer to peer model allows outsourcing of youth engagement and environmental sustainability objectives

Sustainability is a big issue for young people and many students want the opportunity to make a difference on climate change and sustainability in their local area. Consistently we find that the barriers to these students taking leadership roles on sustainability are that teachers don’t have time to support them and they often feel isolated in their school community.

That’s why we bring together like-minded students and provide engaging young presenters and ongoing peer-to-peer mentoring and support. Our summits in particular are often the first time these individuals have the chance to meet like-minded peers, or are given mentoring and leadership opportunities. For other young people, our program offers access to the latest climate science in a way that is both engaging and easy to understand.

As a very complex issue, many teachers have expressed to us that they don’t feel equipped to educate their students about climate change. Our climate presentation is based on the latest peer-reviewed science and captures the experience of some of the best climate communicators in Australia. Start the Switch is unique as it uses a peer-to-peer education model, resulting in a much higher level of engagement than other young environmental education programs. We use our team of trained presenters, organisers and mentors to deliver an unparalleled high-calibre program for high school students.

This program often provides a transformative experience for students. By taking ownership of their own sustainability projects, students overcome barriers such as apathy and are activated to make change in their communities. At the AYCC, we build strong communities of young people based on values of diversity, inclusivity and empowerment.

To find out more, contact Laura Sykes, National Schools Program Director 

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